Code Quality at Scale

1:00pm - 1:25pm on Friday, October 4 in PennTop North

Jimmy Lai


Our codebase, one of the largest Python application in the world, grew to more than 3 million SLOC in 7 years. Maintaining the code quality became challenging when more developers joined the team. Tons of abandoned code spreading around not only reduced readability but also wasted CPU resource at runtime. We found engineers usually optimized their work for product feature deadline and focused less on Code Quality. Code quality work like code cleanup and refactoring were not fun and didn’t seem impactful. To address the problem fundamentally, we applied two strategies:

Instead of blaming on debt creators, we encouraged everyone to contribute and make impact. Code cleanup was the major focus and it became a fun game. In 6 months, 2000 pull requests were shipped to clean up code which removed 150,000+ SLOC and saved 5%+ CPU resource at runtime. After this talk, you’ll have learned:

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